Sunday, September 4, 2011


So Far....
Note to self: It takes a LOT longer than "just a lil bit" to square up 80+ blocks. Somehow, I thought, "Oh, I can whip through those, get them all squared and be sewing in an hour!"

Not. Even. Close.

Mind you I'm not speedy but geez, I really thought I'd be done quicker. Then when I did begin to sew....

I sewed the first row incorrectly....THREE times.

I know. Really? Three times? I kept wanting to just chain piece them on the machine...and after the final, epic failure, resigned my self to sewing each block on one at a time. More time consuming...but I wasn't spending half my time with a seam ripper in my hand so....apparently that is the way to go for me!

I think, Maybe, just maybe, I have found what I want to do with Terrain. I was over at A Quilting Life and saw this, from Cluck Cluck Sew. I seriously LOVE can be done with just one jelly roll...and well, I love it.

Now off to sew a bit more, then I have a LOT of choreography to do...a lot. A whole lot. Like I probably shouldn't spend any time sewing I have so much choreography to do...but...just a little won't hurt, eh?

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