Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rush Week

Rush week pictures...knitting only in brief moments snatched while waiting to pick up kids or for an appointment...baking, are you kidding me?

This week is the first week back at my "real life"...the life of overscheduled chaos. Dance classes Monday and Thursday, private students Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and troupe practice Monday and Friday. Squeezed in between dance stuff and reading 60 pages a week for anthropology, I'm picking away at my math class assignments...trying to choreo a performance for myself set for January 16 (insert palm to forhead with "what was I thinking when i said I'd dance at this?" here), and the usual work, family obligations and trying to increase my health.

Next week, I'll post. A real post...with pictures and a witty caption and ....yeah. But this week? Dude, it's rush week....


  1. What sort of anthropology are you studying? I did my undergrad in physical anthro, and I had a healthy dose of feminist, cultural, and medical during my one-year grad school stint. I still really love it.

  2. Hey Carrie! Thanks for stopping by...This course is pretty much just an overview of anthropology. I, too, really love sociology/anthro...all of it! So much so, I'm tempted to change my major from psych to something along those lines. Lots of time to figure that out though, since I'm only 3/4 to my AA degree.